Founded and run by professional marketers.

Each with over 30 years of experience!

“We have used several different printing companies over the last decade to print and mail our postcard mailings for the thousands of dental practitioners we service across North America. American Marketing has provided dramatically more benefit then any other company we have ever worked with. They have been the consummate partner, providing invaluable recommendations, resulting in us creating dramatic differentiation from our competitors. They enabled us to provide a much better product and service, at a lower price! Our clients are amazed at our value proposition, and we owe it, in large part to American Marketing.”

– Pam Cummings, EVP Client Services and Fulfillment –


Your best solution for specialized, variably printed, direct mail – 

The cutting edge of direct response marketing is driven by variable data. Studies show response rates are dramatically higher, and speed of response is 32% faster. 

Leveraging variable data technology has always been expensive. We deliver you the lower price of traditional printing, with all the added benefits of variable! 

Lower cost magnifies variable mail benefits, exploding your ROI!

Strategic Insights – We believe in working smarter.  It’s easier and it pays better! 

As obvious as that sounds, it’s surprisingly uncommon!

Everyone tells you that’s what they want, but then they make their choice based on, the cheapest option, the best sales pitch, or who offers more whistles and bells. They find themselves frustrated and disappointed.

We have specialized for decades. That experience and commitment to a singular focus, providing the best return on investment, pays great dividends to our clients. 

Better Results –  Better Strategy + Variable Data + Lower Cost 


It’s easy math! If you leverage tremendous experience and insights, to get a marketing piece that gets more interest and engagement, then you truly leverage all of the power of variable data printing, and do it for less than what you were spending now, what do you think will happen? 

It’s all upside. 

Exceptional pricing – We run a lean, mean operation. 

We engineered our company to specialize in a very particular type of marketing. Consequently we do it better, more economically, and efficiently than anyone else.  

We search out campaigns that fit what we do, and help make them better, easier, and even more profitable for our clients. We want to do the same for you! How much can we save you, and how much better results will you see?

“We wanted to help our clients get more new business from all of the new families moving into their markets all over the country. American Marketing refined our program into the very best new move in program in our market. It regularly delivers well over 4 times their investment and provides better results on a number of other fronts. More than any competing program. Even providing the best program, we have extremely competitive pricing and still hold strong margins. We highly recommend American Marketing.”

– KC Holmes, President – Gargle INC