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We Built the Better Mousetrap

Our Best Practices

We’ve included the best practices we have proven over 15 years to deliver the highest return from every dollar you invest getting large specialty cases in your practice. Not just to get you the best results, but to deliver those treatments that provide the most life-changing experience for your patients. Of course those specialty treatments also best leverage your time and expertise, resulting in the greatest revenue to your practice! We give you the fuel to power your practice and team to accomplish your goals, serving more patients and changing more lives.

Why Choose Us

Our Methods Are Proven to Work

We took the best proven method of adding specialty treatments to your practice and made every aspect better. Then we supercharged its effectiveness and results by building in cutting-edge advantages that we have proven over years of research and testing. If that wasn’t enough, we even reduced the cost and did it all for less! Here are a few of those cutting-edge advantages we haven’t seen anywhere else, and they’re included:

Online Presence Analysis & Monitoring Since 94% of readers will go online and check you out, this is crucial!

Google Review System One of the most important aspects of your online presence, so we include the best way to get 5-star reviews from up to 90% of your patients going through your practice.

Deep-dive Market Analysis We go beyond reviewing demographics in your area and provide analysis of your patients to see exactly where the very best prospective new patients are.

E-Magazine We create a digital version of your magazine with a long list of additional digital capabilities.

Results Dashboard You can see all the details of the results of your magazine, so we can help you optimize your results.

Front Office Call Scoring and Training We keep track of key metrics on your staff’s calls to be able to support them to get you the most scheduled new patients.

Missed Call Notifications Our call analyzers verify every missed call so you don’t waste time calling back spam or robo calls, and we both email and text notifications immediately.

USPS Informed Delivery Our partnership with the postal service enables us to give you priority in emails sent to postal customers with links to your e-magazine to engage even more prospective patients for longer.

Magazines Provide the Best Value

The magazine is not the cheapest way to market, but it is the best value. Like many things, when you’re willing to make the commitment, practices find that the benefits they receive are disproportionately greater than the additional investment they make in their practice. Practices that understand this are able to get themselves off the hamster wheel of wasted marketing dollars and stop falling prey to sales pitches of cheap methods that always come up short of the promised results.

Magazines Haven’t Been Overdone

The effectiveness of magazines has been proven for over a decade, but it’s been one of the best kept secret weapons of a select group of highly successful practices across the country. Consequently, magazines haven’t been overdone as many other things have. Great opportunity is still there to leverage a magazine for your practice since most practices are so distracted and disorganized that they don’t have the vision or commitment to the growth of their practice needed to take advantage of it.

We’re 100% Committed to Your Success

I know what you’re thinking, it sounds too good, and you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop, right!? Believe it or not, we are really just that committed to providing practices with the very best tools for their practices to thrive. We have the reputation of delivering on that commitment to practices all across the country for a decade and a half! 


The fact is, it’s much easier to deliver the best ROI when you commit to provide the best results at the lowest cost. It’s easier to work with more practices when everyone is telling their friends to partner with us. We also don’t have to work at replacing clients because they’re getting great results and love their experience. It’s a win for everyone, including your patients who we help find an exceptional practice to provide them with the life-changing treatment they are looking for.

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