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The Mechanics of an Effective Magazine

Best practices from over a decade of experience and analysis.

What Goes into an Effective Magazine

A magazine is one of the more intricate forms of marketing. It may seem like there is plenty of space on the pages, but every inch needs to be methodically planned so as to draw the reader in, maintain the reader’s focus, provide helpful information, and then convert the reader into a future patient. Here are some of the ways that we accomplish this:

Informative Articles on Targeted Treatments

In our interview with your practice, we will establish three to four target treatments to focus on in the magazine. Our writers will then craft educational articles and FAQs on those topics that will convert your readers into future patients after they realize just how applicable and life changing those treatments can be.

Relevant and Proven Offers

Throughout the magazine, we will provide several offers that are relevant to the treatments and your practice and that we know from experience will entice your readers to come to your office.

Engaging Photography from a Curated Photoshoot of Your Own Office

Your magazine will feature beautiful photography from a photoshoot curated to your practice that will help showcase just how welcoming and calming your practice will be to anyone who stops by.

Compelling Testimonials from Real Patients

We will help you collect many impactful testimonials from real patients who are extremely satisfied with their treatment results, which will only help convince readers that your practice is the place they need to go!

Interesting Doctor Bios that Increase Credibility

Based on what we learn about you, we will create interesting bios for you and any other doctors at your practice to help showcase just how credible, friendly, and relatable you are.

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Piece of the Puzzle

The inside of the magazine is only one piece of the puzzle, though. We’ve found that a lot of the marketing techniques outside of the magazine work synergistically with your other efforts to make your success that much greater. Here are some of the behind-the-scenes strategies that amplify your results:

We perform a deep-dive analysis of your market, and then we apply a demographic criteria based on the target treatments selected.

The market area is exclusively yours as long as you are mailing, meaning you don’t have to worry about competition from our clients!

We give you the very best insight into your results by using a call tracking number, as well as analyzing data from your practice management system. We also use QR codes, USPS Informed Delivery data, and comprehensive statistics from your electronic magazine.

This is available 24/7 to see all of your calls, recordings, scheduling ratio, staff call handling data, call notes, scheduled patients, missed calls and return call results, etc.

Missed calls are verified so spam and robo calls are eliminated, and you are notified via text and email within an average of five minutes or less so you can take advantage of every opportunity.

Not only do we offer training on scheduling patients, we also provide you with dozens of award winning training videos, and we even monitor how your staff is doing so we can provide recommendations as needed.

Our partnership with the USPS puts your magazine at the top of the email many prospective patients receive the day they are also receiving the magazine, and it includes a hyperlink to your e-magazine to get even more of their focus.

On top of the print version, we also design a digital magazine with interactive content that is available in a number of ways including, QR codes in the printed magazine, and when readers receive the Informed Delivery email from the postal service. Practices find that emailing to their patients results in even more of the cases they want and helps those patients on the fence to decide to proceed.

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