High-Value Cases

Dental Implants, All-on-X, and other large value cases are the focus of our high-impact specialized magazine program.

Finding quality new patients every month since 2009.

Low Cost.  Proven high-value results!

High Quality - Full Color

Happy Clients for Years!

Dr. Scott Chandler:

Rocky and team have always been very timely and talented in creating and executing print for my practice.  Their costs are very low and my returns over a decade have been exceptional.  Super great to work with and their knowledge and focus on the dental industry is impressive. I highly recommend them to any dentist looking to find high-end, quality new cases.

Proven Results

Dr. Glen Stephenson:

I have loved my experience working with Rocky and having American Marketing printing all my dental marketing pieces.  Over the last 13 years they have been very conscientious and detailed, and always available to take my calls.  I have been able to add regular, quality patients to my practice which has allowed me to grow quickly.  Thanks American Marketing!

Texas Testimonial

Dr. Eric Cornelius:

We were surprised how inexpensively American Marketing printed and mailed our 100,000 magazines. Quite a bit cheaper than other places we looked. The process has been really simple and straightforward and they held our hand through every step of design and creation. 

We were also pleasantly surprised at how much knowledge and experience their team had about the dental industry.  It made us quite comfortable as we did this investment in our practice to focus on more high-dollar cases this year.   We highly recommend using them!

13 Years of Dental Printing


What's Included

  • Local Market research, competitive analysis, and practice surveys (Including a survey from some of your current patients most like your target market)
  • Practice & Doctor Interviews
  • Professional custom photo shoot at your office of all needed photos
  • Custom content creation of the magazine
  • Custom creative design of the magazine
  • Magazine printing of 8”x11” semi-gloss, 12-page, full-color magazines
  • Magazine addressing & postal certification
  • All postage & postage costs
  • Custom mailing list targeted by courier mailing routes
  • Unique call tracking number on magazine
  • All costs for 10 months of distribution via USPS Marketing Mail by courier mailing route

Market Research. Data drives success.  As such, we derive such data through the research that we use to create each magazine.  Also, we will conduct surveys with some of your current patients that fit the target markets we will be working with to bring on as new patients.

Practice & Doctor Interviews.  As each magazine is custom to the specific practice we are working with, we require pertinent information unique to your practice, as well as services and the benefits of going to your practice.  We obtain this information via interviews and a questionnaire about your practice,  your philosophy and your strengths.

Professional Custom Photo Shoot.  Our photos are part of your magazine’s success.  We will come to your office for a professional custom photo shoot to get the unique photos of the doctor, the staff, and some patients who will give testimonials necessary for the magazine.  In addition, we will shoot various scenes of the staff and doctor at work and interacting with patients.  

Custom Content Creation & Design.  We create and design custom content specific to your magazine.  In large part this is based on the marketing research, interviews, surveys, what we know works historically, and your preferences.  You will be provided a low-resolution PDF of the magazine for your approval before printing and you will have an opportunity to give us any revisions you want.  You will be able to make up to two rounds of major changes to the design and copy.  Usually this is more than sufficient.  Any extra changes are subject to further charge at our preferred client rates (currently $95/hour).

Magazine Printing, Addressing, & Postal Certification.  Once we have final approval from you on the magazine copy and design; we will print, bind, and trim the approximately 8 ½” x 11” semi-gloss, 12-Page, full color magazines.  Following the printing, we will address and certify with the post office each mailing before sending them out to the targeted courier routes.

Custom Courier Route Distribution.  We create a custom courier route distribution plan to distribute your magazines to your target demographics through USPS Marketing Mail.   We will pick the exact post office routes based on specific demographics such as median household income, median household value, & age.  We will distribute your magazines per the table below.

Unique Call Tracking.  Each magazine is sent with a unique call tracking number that will be live for the entire campaign and for 12 months thereafter.  If you desire the number beyond that it can be ported to you free of charge and you can maintain it from that point on.

High Quality - Low Pricing!

Full Color - 12 Pages
93¢* - $1.17 Per Piece (based on quantity). Includes everything!
  • Mailing Lists
  • Research & Analysis
  • On Site Photography & Editing
  • Custom Design & Edits
  • All Postage, Shipping & Delivery Costs