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Is there really much difference between digital printers?

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  • Analysis & Recommendations
  • Extensive leveraging of variable data
  • Best available pricing
  • Singular variable direct mail focus


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  • Basic incorporation – as requested
  • Standard digital premium pricing
  • Anything they can print


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Magazine Program FAQs

You certainly could, but it would be about the same as deciding to do all your own repair and maintenance of the car you drive. It’s just not the best use of your time, resources, or expertise. When I was young I had an Audi and the timing belt needed to be replaced. They wanted what felt like a fortune to do it, so I decided to do it myself. After many long hours and a great deal of frustration, I found I’d done it incorrectly. I ended up having to have it towed to the mechanic, and I paid for it anyway.

Most practices that have put out the money, time, and effort to focus on digital marketing often report that it feels a lot like a trip to Vegas. Sometimes you hit the jackpot, but most of the time you’re struggling not to lose anything. There are so many variables that all have to work in sync, finding someone that really knows what they’re doing to manage your spend, managing the competition in your area, trying to maintain any degree of consistency, and being able to track well enough to make sure all those views and click-throughs are actually turning into revenue. If you can pull it off, studies show that digital, in conjunction with direct mail will increase the results of both by 65%!

Yes, it is! Certainly other things can work at times, but a magazine gets delivered right into their hands, it provides more real estate to convey more compelling reasoning, and it gets more of the prospect's attention for longer. That’s the recipe to help a prospective patient, or even a current patient, make a decision to commit to a significant investment in themselves and feel confident enough in you and your practice to choose you to provide the treatment. When you think about other options, elements of the recipe are just not there.

Make sure your practice is in good shape internally and online. The magazine will get people interested and excited, even convinced, but then they’ll go online and check you out (statistically about 94% of the time). When they do, they have to see you as a good choice. When they call, your staff has to answer the phone, give a good first impression and get them on the schedule. When they come for their appointment, they have to have a good experience, and when your treatment plan is presented, they have to feel the confidence, expertise, and opportunity for them to make the investment in themselves and you. We can help to show where to focus and provide recommendations, but there has to be an honest commitment in the practice to do what needs to be done.

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